• Drops NOT droppers Restoration Hemp extracts are highly concentrated; all references below are to individual drops and not full droppers as some oils recommend. A full dropper of our oil contains approximately 20 to 25 drops of oil.
  • Sublingual Our tinctures are intended to be placed under your tongue (sublingual) and held there for 60 seconds before swallowing. This provides a relatively quick systemic intake and distribution of the CBD oil.
  • Transdermal – For those who cannot or do not want to take CBD oil orally, try rubbing the oil directly on the bottom of your feet. Our oils are not greasy and are easily absorbed by your skin. If your concern is localized to a specific area, many customers get relief by rubbing our CBD oil directly on those specific areas.
  • Less is more You cannot overdose on our CBD oil; however, “too much” of anything is “too much.” We strongly believe in the philosophy that less is more; so, we encourage you to find the minimum number of drops needed to achieve the results you desire. Adjusting your dosage up or down as your condition warrants is totally up to you but our customers who maintain a consistent regimen seem to experience the most success.
How Much Do I Take?

Since there are so many variables to answering that question, we’ve compiled the following dosing guidelines / best practices from our customers who have been so gracious to provide us with their personal experiences when taking our oil. Once you discover what works best for you, we hope you’ll share your experiences with us so that we might continue to build and share our customer experience database.

Please understand we are not able to prescribe exact doses for specific conditions because that is beyond the scope of the industry’s knowledge and capabilities at this time. Additionally, we often see what works for one individuals condition does not work as effectively or in the same way for the next. It’s really no different than traditional prescription medicine; what works well for one person does not always work well for another. The best we can do is share anecdotal evidence from our customers.

Day 1 Recommended Dosage

Take 5 drops of oil in the morning and 5 drops in the evening about an hour before bed. The objective is to see how your body responds during the day as well as how you sleep that first night.


For Sleep

If you noticed you slept better, reduce the number of drops by 1 drop every 2 days until you find the minimum number of drops it takes to enjoy the same improved sleep. If you didn’t sleep better, take the evening drops an hour earlier to see if the time you take the drops matters. Some customers have noticed they need to take the drops 4 to 6 hours before going to bed to enjoy better sleep. If the time you take the drops doesn’t seem to matter, go back to taking them an hour before bed and increase the drops to 10. If you notice you slept better, reduce by 1 drop to find your minimum. Adjust until you find what works for you.

For Pain

If you noticed an improvement in your pain, reduce the number of drops until you find your minimum. If you didn’t notice an improvement, add a 3rd dose of 5 drops during the mid-day. If still no improvement, adjust one of the doses to 10 drops and re-evaluate. Continue to adjust your doses until you see some improvement and then adjust down to find your minimum. You can always add a 4th dose if you so choose; everyone is different so find what works for you.

For Stress/Anxiety

On day 2 and following, start with 2 drops in the morning and then take one to two drops every one to two hours until you find what works best for you. Remember, everyone is different so the number of drops it might take to help you relax or feel less stress may take a couple days to figure out.

For Inflammation

A consistent, daily dose of 5 to 20 drops is needed to address inflammation. Be consistent and see how your body responds, adjusting accordingly. There should be an improvement in joint pain once you find the correct number of drops your body needs. Don’t forget, you can rub a couple drops directly on painful joints as often as you’d like.