Our Hemp Flower

Wielding outstanding test results, our flagship-strain BaOx hemp flower is testing, on average, to contain in excess of 18% cannabinoids!

The primary reason for such outstanding test results is due to our philosophy and approach to farming.  We rely solely upon natural fertility to promote healthy, living soils while prohibiting the use of any and all toxic pesticides on the farm. Everything we grow is grown to organic standards which ensures our products are as “clean” as possible.

Our Hemp Extracts

Not only are our extracts full spectrum, they are strain, or variety specific. There are hundreds of varieties of hemp and each possesses its own unique profile of cannabinoids. 

Each of our extracts is made from a unique and specific strain of hemp, consistently capturing the same cannabinoid profile from one batch to the next.

This consistency in our formulations allows you to purchase our extracts with confidence, knowing from one bottle to the next you are going to receive the same cannabinoid profile that works for you.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts

BaOx Hemp Cultivar

Part of Walt’s story includes a lot of trial and error searching for non-traditional alternatives for treating his illness.  After testing many over-the-counter retail CBD products as well as extracts from a myriad of different hemp strains, the strain known as BaOx (pronounced box) was found to be the most effective reliever of his pain and exhaustion. Therefore, we chose the BaOx strain as our flagship cultivar for all of our products.

Please take the time to read about Walt and his journey by clicking the waltsstory logo below. It documents his own journey of pain and suffering but it is written to encourage one and all not to give up their hope in finding an alternative to chronic, refractory pain.

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