Scams Abound!

In most of my circles I tend to share that I’m involved in the process of growing and making CBD oil.  Naturally, some interesting conversations happen when the people I’m around discover this about me.  I recently had a conversation with a man who had a chronic health condition he was looking for relief from.  When I asked him if he had ever tried CBD oil he responded, “oh yes but I didn’t find any relief.”  This is actually quite common among people who think they have tried CBD oil.  When i pushed further with the man and asked where he got it from he responded he purchased it on Amazon.  The lightbulb went off for me and I illuminated my new friend with the fact that Amazon doesn’t sell CBD oil, they sell “Hemp oil”.  If you browse amazon and search CBD oil you will get a gazillion results touting 100,000mg this and that; Hemp oil; Pure and natural, etc.  The uninformed shopper very willingly will spend what they perceive as an incredible deal on CBD oil!  $30 for 100,000mg sounds like an amazing deal considering our 2400mg CBD bottle costs $99.  The only problem is that the bottle on amazon contains no CBD!  


Amazon had banned the sale of products containing CBD so anything found on that site either has CBD in it but is not labeled as CBD or has no CBD (chemical compounds produced on the hemp flower) but rather just the oil extracted from the hemp seed.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from Amazon when it comes to looking for CBD oil.  There are so many brands out there that actually do make real CBD but then there’s the question, can you trust what’s in the bottle is actually what the bottle says is in it???  A study done last year published on revealed that out of 47 CBD companies:


  •     51% of products (24 of 47) delivered the promised CBD within 20% of the labeled dosage.
  •     23% of products (11 of 47) delivered some CBD, but less than 80% of the dosage promised on the label.
  •     15% of products (7 of 47) delivered more than 120% of the promised CBD.
  •     11% of products (5 of 47) delivered no CBD whatsoever.


That is really just one example of the scams that exist overall.  I recently had a “cannabis” fertilizer company send me info on their products “specially formulated” to grow the best hemp.  They were charging $247 for a 40lb bag.  My eyes about popped out of my head!  The organic fertilizer I use on my farm costs me $40 for a 50lb bag for virtually the same amount of nutrients.  And the crazy thing is, PEOPLE BUY THAT OVERPRICED STUFF FROM THEM!! Sheesh.  That’s just another example of the crooked companies trying to pull one over on the public.


With all that in mind it’s important to find a company that is true to their word.  We would love to be that company for you.  We put great pride in staying true to the dosage we claim and we have total control over the process of making our oils.  We grow, process, send to 3rd party testing labs,  bottle, label and ship our own oil.   Please let your friends and family know about the scammers and fraudulent products out there and consider giving us a try, because it’s important to know where your hemp comes from and that you are getting the CBD you’ve paid for!!  



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